Eva-Lynn Loy         Contemporary Art in Watermedia   



         From a very young age, I was very fortunate to be introduced to all the arts through my beautiful and creative mother. Ever since this early exposure, I've continued to be drawn to the creative process and been interested in some form of art making. When engaged in this amazing creative process, I feel impassioned, alive, both transported and in the 'here and now.'

        Sometimes, when beginning a new piece of work, I won't have a particular subject in mind. At those times, I might listen to music and choose a certain color that reflects the music and/or how I am feeling. Then, I will let the painting speak to me and guide me to where it needs to go.  At other times, I might begin a painting outdoors, remember a scene or choose a personal photo that has captured my heart and spirit. Often the results are a visual reflection of what I see and feel, the spirit of the subject, rather than how the subject actually appears.






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